Blended Learning

Temporary Blended Experience - Students in face-to-face instruction may need to temporarily learn from home due to quarantine or other needs for a limited period of time. Student and staff preparation for intermittent distance learning will support the continuation of learning. Flexible virtual experiences may be built into the calendar as needed to support the health and safety of all.

2020-21 Pre-planned Virtual Learning Days:

  • Dec 1 - Dec 4, 2020

  • Jan 4 - Jan 8, 2021

Temporary Virtual Learning Expectations:

  • Staffing - Classroom teachers will provide a temporary distance learning experience. 

  • Schedules - Students will be provided with distance learning schedule options, which will include a number of instructional methods 

  • Social Emotional - There will be a continuation of student/teacher interaction through distance learning methods and students will continue to have access to social emotional services

  • Resources - All students will require access to a personal mobile device, internet connection and supporting curriculum.

  • Alternatives - Educational leaders and teachers will collaborate with families to best meet the emotional and academic needs of all students. 

  • Communication - Ongoing and systematic communication to staff and families

  • Moving Among Models - May need to move among instructional models based on positive COVID-19 cases within the community or individual schools with a preference for traditional classroom learning in a safe and healthy environment

Mayville School District policy is such that any time a virtual learning platform is being used, whether for virtual enrollment or for hybrid at-home learning, that student information will be protected from disclosure to the extent FERPA requires. The District does not intend to capture student names, faces, likeness or work, but incidental recording or capture may occur.