SAE - Mya T.

Student Name: Mya T.

What is your SAE project?  Specialty Animal Production

What inspired your SAE project?  Ever since I was little I've always had a passion for animals and loved being around them. Going into high school I knew that working with animals was something I wanted to do in the future. Being able to have a job at a zoo is a good head start in that direction.

How can your SAE project prepare you for your future career?  Getting a job and working at a zoo is one thing that is helping me with my future career. Working at a zoo has brought me many opportunities and experience. Not only has it showed me what goes on in an animal's daily life and how much care goes into each and every animal, but it has also shown me that working with animals is something I truly want to do in the future.

What category did you place in?  Bronze

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